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We are a Caribbean-based quarterly book subscription package.

Our primary mission is to amplify marginalized voices through the recognition and celebration of diverse literature, while our core mandates are affordability, sustainability and accessibility.

Good books should be accessible. As Caribbean readers we found out that trying to get the newest releases sometimes meant ordering them ourselves and having to deal with the beautiful, considerate, well mannered customs officers. We also got tired of developed country narratives dominating book conversations. Why should these narratives be the norm when authors of colour, and writers from the Global South have a rich and far reaching literary canon?

Decentred Lit is an effort to challenge that single narrative.

What's in the package?

Book Only

A no-frills brown paper package with a brand-new, handpicked book written by an author of colour. Each package also comes with our quarterly spoiler card(s) and specially designed bookmark(s). The book may be hardcover or paperback, however priority will be given to hardcovers.

Full Package

Everything in the Book Only subscription plus more! We reduce our environmental footprint by opting for exclusively-designed canvas totes over boxes, and include 3-4 multi-use literary accoutrements that tie into each quarter’s theme, such as artwork, tea, and notebooks. 



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