We’re Going On A Short Hiatus

we're taking a short hiatus

Hey everyone!

We have a super important announcement to make.

Effective February 01, 2022 we will be taking a brief hiatus from our quarterly curation. 

Our decision is underpinned by a number of factors.

– Key members of our team have stepped away to spend time with ailing parents or to grieve. We would like to honor that and their space. This is a difficult time and they deserve to spend undivided time giving their family the time they need to say goodbye and heal.

– Operating in a pandemic has been extremely draining. Though everyone continues to be patient and understanding, it is extremely difficult to handle logistics on my own. 

– In addition, I am back to office (day job) full time. Between the supply chain delays and limited time I anticipate further delays in getting packages out in time. I believe that taking this hiatus will give me some time to catch up and fully recalibrate before adding more to our plate. 

– A lot has changed since we started. We’ve seen the rise of more BIPOC owned book boxes and we’ve seen readers demand more diversity from their book boxes. While there has been some improvement in diversity, inequity remains. The break will give us an opportunity to breathe and to better figure out how we wish to use our platform for more effective advocacy. 

How does this affect your subscription? I will be pausing all recurring and annual subscriptions. However, all outstanding subscriptions (including annual) will be honoured. Subscribers may opt to wait until the end of the hiatus or request a refund. 

If you would like a refund, please email me at hello(@)decentredlit(.)com. 

ALL OUTSTANDING ORDERS WILL BE HONOURED. If there is an existing order (including Q4) on the system it will will shipped. Please hold me to that. Please email me if you have any concerns. 

We’ll be sending out an email to all subscribers plus our newsletter list in coming days. 

You know where/how to reach me ❤️

– Kaymara